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Caffè Vero Gusto

How Caffè Vero Gusto got started

Our logo: Painted by local artist Beat Baumann, Lucerne (Switzerland)

It all started with the business of packaging. In 2005, two childhood friends, Jürg Bühler and Vince Bang, got together and founded their packaging company. Within a short period of time, they were able to attract hundreds of coffee roasters as their clients. As a team, they visited their clients across Europe and gained unprecedented experiences by drinking and tasting various kinds of coffee from different coffee masters.

Before long, they came up with the idea to create their own brand and soon after, they teamed up with one of their clients in Switzerland to roast their own coffee with the best ingredients available in the markets. The roasting factories they chosed as partners, have been roasting one of the best coffee in Switzerland for more than a century. Since Caffè Vero Gusto has different target markets, there was no conflict of interest for our partners and this gave us a great opportunity to leverage synergies between our companies.

Why Caffè Vero Gusto

Vero Gusto means true taste. Behind the doors, our brand conceals the secret of Swiss coffee culture. Our coffee roaster masters it perfectly. The principle of slowness. He takes his time during roasting. The fine green coffees wander aimlessly in the drum roaster. Sometimes 18 minutes long. With great passion and experience, our master roaster elicits the coffee beans with its wonderful aroma. The beans are freshly roasted. Our customers should always enjoy freshly roasted coffee. After all, who wants to drink coffee that has been roasted a year ago? You've probably discovered the secret of Caffè Vero Gusto?

Enjoy our coffee - with beautiful encounters, fine conversation, good thoughts. Experience pure coffee culture.


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